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Adrian Keller - Geschäftsführer Jazztime AG
Yvonne Gautschi - Leitung Backoffice Jazztime AG
Fabrice Müller - Leitung Redaktion Jazztime AG

Adrian Keller

Managing Director

Yvonne Gautschi

Head of Backoffice

Fabrice Müller

Head of Editorial

For over 35 years the JAZZTIME MAGAZINE informs the jazz and blues interested readers of the national and international music scene. The medium thus has become an essential and faithful companion of the Swiss Jazz & Blues World.





News, trends and a lot of service


Every month, the magazine reports on concerts, festivals, artists and background themes. In the detailed and monthly updated concert and Festivalagenda are almost all Jazz & Bluesconcerts in Switzerland listed. Additionally, you can find band portraits in section A to Z as well as CD news. In various editorial categories we respond to new products, trends and background information from the world of jazz and blues music. Regular reader competitions, a reader forum and the marketplace complete our magazine.


Youth development and education


We pay special attention on the young Swiss artists, as well as on training and education in the field of music. As an institution for the national jazz and blues scene, the JAZZTIME MAGAZINE works closely with Swiss conservatoires, on which we report on a regular basis .

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