Rocking The Blues

2020 is the year for recording own compositions with lyrics from Denis Kaech (piano, vocal) and music „by the Rollin’Fifties“ using „traditional“ Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Boogie-Woogie, Country licks and basslines. You will hear guitar and pedal steel soli by Daniel Andrey and Lorenzo Trottman, piano introductions and soli by Denis Kaech, supported by the rhythm section with Willy Surbeck on the bass and Kai Dellers on the drums.

The following 10 songs have many and varied predecessors or sources of inspiration: William „Big Bill“ Broonzy (co-author of the song) said around 1940 about Chas Segar’s „Key to the Highway“ that one could take a Blues song, make some smaller modifications and get about 50 other songs. Medical implants (Joint prostheses, intervertebral fusion cages, Stents etc.)  must be at least 8%  different to the original to be not considered as copied. It is our aim to be at least 10% different from the originals in the past.


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That's Why I Play The Guitar

Die Fachzeitschrift Akustik Gitarre schrieb: "Vurals perkussives Spiel gibt Anlass zur Hoffnung, dass doch noch nicht alle Gitarrentöne entdeckt sind." Attila Vural trat nicht nur national auf, sondern auch in den USA, an der European Acoustic Guitar Night in Rom, an den Internationalen Gitarrenfestivals Open Strings in Osnabrück und Neuöttinger Gitarrentage. Er vertonte auch, als live Soundtrack, die Stummfilme «Der letzte Mann» und «Nosferatu» an der Winterthurer Musikfestwoche  und am Neisse Film Festival. Mit «That's Why I Play the Guitar (A Fingerstyle Tribute to Gary Moore)» präsentiert Attila Vural seine 14. Solo CD.

CD_Neuheiten_Cover_Attila Vural.jpg

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Mountain Songlines

Pago Libre remains one of the most distinctive bands around. The quartet traverses many genres, combining the drive and groove of jazz, the melodic impulse of folk music, and the timbral qualities, density, and orchestration of chamber music. That is what Pago Libre has pursued since 1989. This 30-year history equips it with profound purpose and dazzling ensemble intuitiveness, displayed in a thrilling collaboration where composition and improvisation are inseparable. With Mountain Songlines presents the quartet arriving at a high point, inspired by alpine vistas and other grandeur.

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